Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Organic Bio Farm near Tarragona

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Home made chilli pickle now available

Ricard has been busy making some pickles from the chillies on the bio farm.

There are several  different pickles available, depending on the chilli, and also a blended version with more than one chilli variety.

These are available for purchase from the chilliman. Don’t forget to ask about them when you get here.


Chilliman has been featured on Spain’s main TV channel: TVE1 on the program “Aqui la tierra” (“Here the land”).

…{The program] introduces us to a Catalan farmer with an experimental vocation who, based on trying and tasting, has managed to grow the hottest peppers in the world…

Why not come and see and taste and feel the chilli (and other produce) for yourself?

It’s been a great summer

Thanks to all my visitors this summer.

I looking forward to doing lots of growing chillis and developing my winter business to the people who want to do bird watching.  If you know any bird watchers that might like my place, please tell them.

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