Mas Miro has hosted very large parties 3K+  people in its grounds before.  These are organised with full security and local government permissions.  If you interested in a large event with marquees and tent and music stage please contact us.


However Ricard will also cater for smaller groups to use the building itself.  You can book all eight rooms available and host your own event.   Mas miro will supply a barman/manager to ensure the night goes off smoothly.  The combined cost of the accommodation and this fee will be 1000€.

We have space for music decks, dancefloor and chill zones. Please follow us on the Facebook to see what we get up to.

Responsibility for any damage to Mas Miro property will be charged for. Will give you a list of  rules to be followed – it is up to you to get your guests to understand why we have the rules, and to abide by them.

No colillas en suelo - don't drop cigarette butts

No colillas en suelo – don’t drop cigarette butts