Being a working farm Ricard zips around at breakneck speed most of the day, he will happily be chatting with guests – and then suddenly realise some equipment is overflowing or beeping or something.   He might have time for a beer with you.

There is a farmhouse kitchen and you have access to a shelf on the fridge to store anything you bring.   If you clean up afterwards you can use the kitchen as your own.

If you are very lucky  Ricard might make you an omelette – maybe with chili even! – can you take it?   But please understand Ricard wants to help everyone have a nice stay, but his responsibilities also rest with the land and property.

Familiarise yourself with the kitchen at the farm – and why not bring something special to cook for him too?!

Watch out for fresh eggs, amazing herb flavoured first-press olive oil, just-picked veggies, chilli sauces and of course thousands of chillies.  If you ask nicely you might get to try some of these delights and sample what else is going around.