Local Area Map

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Look for this sign on the roundabout on the TP2031 – then you are very close.


  • It is located conveniently near Tarragona and between 2 motorways the AP7 (from Barcelona to Valencia and beyond) and the AP2 (from Barcelona to Zaragoza).
  • This geographic position make it a good place to stop when travelling from Northern Europe to Southern Spain, for example it is 1 days driving from Paris or Amsterdam, and 1 more day to continue to Almeria and the south.  Overnight visitors welcome.

How to get here?

Taxi from Tarragona (€22).  Taxis are harder to come by from the new AVE station as it is very close and the drivers are understandably not keen to make such a short drive – they will also charge you minimum fare (€15).

Do not undertake the walk from AVE camp station without understanding the roads – they don’t have sidewalks, there is no street lighting, or in the daytime it can blisteringly hot.  There are however regular buses to Tarragona and Valls from the railway station.

If you are driving note that the property is designated Catllar, and yet is actually much closer to the town of La Secuita due to village boundaries.

Look out for chilli signs, and then signs for the Santa Tecla urbanisation.

Closest airports Reus and Barcelona.  Mainline station also at Tarragona.

Phone and Email

It is best to give us a call, or better to pop in.  The phone number is +34674558608.

Ricard speaks Catalan, Castellano and English.