Local Area

You should have a car to come to Mas Miro

-walking distance:  If it not too hot you can walk to either of the 2 local village.  There is La Secuita, and l’argilaga (means Gorse as in type of plant).  In L’argilaga there is Bar Casal (village social club) with restaurant and games for the kids.

La Secuita is bigger with Supermarket open till 9pm, bakers and couple of bars.

Further Afield

  • Tarragona
  • Beaches, La Mora, Waikiki
  • The Viaduct
  • Ruta del Cister –  Cisternan Route – 4 monasteries http://www.larutadelcister.info/
  • Valls – Festival of Spring Onion,  Castells.


Mountain Biking

Hiking – see the local council site for a route that links 4 local villages.  http://www.lasecuita.cat/ruta-4-pobles/